Heavy Dopa band 93kg-UP

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Build your core.

  • Suitable for people weighing more than 205lbs (93kg-UP)
  • Resistance range in kg: 17kg to 49kg (37.5lbs to 108lbs)
  • Length: 5meter, Weight: 1.4kg
  • Elasticity: 600%
  • Color: Black
  • Good for: Body Building, Sport performance.

📺 includes 200+ online training videos.


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30 Days returns

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One year warranty

Dopamineo bands are superior to any other band in the market.


❌ Recycled rubber – No warranty

❌ Usually good for specific use only

You’ll have to find exercises ALONE.

❌ Limited resistance range—different bands

❌ Non-approved, unknown materials


✅ Quality & Durability—1-Year warranty

✅ 100% Functional, all-body training band

✅  300+ Workouts & Exercise videos. RESULTS.

✅ Endless resistance range — only one band

✅U.S FDA approved material

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158-205 lbs (72-93kg)

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